Landoll, Eric M. - Default Disbarment

February 26, 2014


Supreme Court Case No. SC94028

In re:  Eric M. Landoll,   MBE No. 42804            




The Chief Disciplinary Counsel having filed an information advising this Court of
its findings, after investigation, that there is probable cause to believe Respondent, Eric
Mitchell Landoll, is guilty of professional misconduct and having filed with said
information, pursuant to Rule 5.13, a notice of default, notifying the Court that
Respondent, Eric Mitchell Landoll, failed to timely file an answer or other response within
the time required although Respondent was served pursuant to the provisions of Rule 5.18
and Rule 5.11 and, therefore, pursuant to Rule 5.13, Respondent is in default; and
It appearing Respondent is guilty of professional misconduct and should be
Now, therefore, it is ordered by the Court that the said Eric Mitchell Landoll be,
and he is hereby disbarred, that his right and license to practice law in the State of
Missouri is canceled and that his name be stricken from the roll of attorneys in this State.
It is further ordered that the said Eric Mitchell Landoll comply in all respects with
5.27 – Procedure Following a Disbarment or Suspension Order.
Costs taxed to Respondent.



Day - to - Day




Mary R. Russell

Chief Justice