Jury Instructions & Charges

Missouri Approved Instructions: Civil and Criminal

The Supreme Court periodically enacts and modifies Missouri Approved Instructions, both civil and criminal, by entering orders. The orders are made public as they are entered and, thereafter, are posted on this website. Accordingly, you can view the most recent orders updating the instructions here, by choosing from the orders listed in reverse chronological order.

Criminal Instructions and Charges

These resources are available as a member benefit of The Missouri Bar. Orders updating these instructions and charges are available here:

Civil Instructions

The Court does not prepare or publish a compilation of its Missouri Approved Instructions for civil cases. Nevertheless, such compilations are available from various commercial and other entities. Many legal libraries, including the Court's library, have such compilations in their collections. You may wish to inquire at your local legal library. You may also call the Supreme Court Library at (573) 751-2636 to obtain a copy of particular civil instructions; however, library personnel cannot interpret the rules or do legal research. Orders updating these instructions are available here: