Supreme Court Rules and Court Operating Rules

Rules, Court Operating Rules and Orders Affecting Rules

When the Supreme Court of Missouri enacts or modifies a rule or court operating rule, it enters an order, which is an official document.

These orders since spring 1998 are published online and now are available in a searchable format.

View/Search orders affecting rules

As a convenience for the public, a compilation of Missouri's Supreme Court rules and court operating rules also is offered online, but its contents are not considered official documents.

In the compilation, the rules and operating rules are categorized into sections. To view the list of rules within a section, please click on the appropriate link.

Please note that Supreme Court personnel cannot interpret the rules, do legal research or determine for you what specific rule might apply in a given situation.

Rules in Other Courts

For special rules in each of the three districts of the Court of Appeals, click the district:

Circuit courts also may issue local rules.

Standards with Comments for Guardians Ad Litem in Missouri

The attached standards are approved for use on and after September 1, 2011.

Witness Fees

For the amount of fees allowed to witnesses for their services, see section 491.280, RSMo.