Office of State Courts Administrator

Missouri Office of State Courts Administrator
2112 Industrial Drive
Post Office Box 104480
Jefferson City, MO 65110
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Kathy Lloyd, Missouri State Courts Administrator

Kathy S. Lloyd
State Courts Administrator

The Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) is responsible for providing administrative, business and technology support services to the courts. The duties and responsibilities assigned to the state courts administrator's office relate to all levels of the state court system. The first state courts administrator was appointed in 1970.

Some of the ways the office assists the courts include case processing; criminal history reporting; debt collection and judgment enforcement; crime victims' rights; treatment court programming; the implementation of time standards for case disposition; and court improvement projects in the areas of child abuse and neglect, juvenile services, and family preservation. The office supports a statewide case management system in all courts, as well as a wide variety of other technical applications and hardware necessary for court operations. The office also provides administrative, fiscal, legal and human resources support; training for judicial personnel; and statistical analysis.

Administrative Services Division

The administrator is responsible for the overall management of OSCA and the services and support provided. Services provided by administrative services include legal advice and the preparation of legal documents; support of the office and circuit court personnel systems; technical assistance related to court security, foreign language court interpreters and the Americans with Disabilities Act; budget; fiscal; sponsored programs; contracts; project management; legislative; judicial transfers; facilities operations; and publications. Staff compiles and organizes the judiciary’s annual state appropriation request; supports the circuit court and court of appeals budget committees and works closely with standing committees of the Supreme Court of Missouri; processes all moneys appropriated to the office and to the circuit courts; applies for and manages grant funds; prepares and administers contracts for goods and services; provides project management services to all interdivisional and interagency projects; prepares fiscal notes for proposed legislation that affects the judicial system; handles requests for information from the legislature, governor’s office, other public officials and the public in general; manages the facilities and fleet; provides mail and printing services; and assists with managing the content of the Your Missouri Courts website and with authoring and publishing judiciary reports.

Court Business Services Division

The court business services division provides support to the courts in the areas of education, program development, research, statistical analysis and court procedures. The division provides program support to the family, juvenile and treatment court divisions; provides technical support to the courts in the areas of case processing, jury management, videoconferencing and financial management; designs statewide court forms; manages cost collection efforts; prepares transcripts from sound-recorded hearings submitted by the courts; compiles statistical caseload information; prepares workload estimates; provides technical assistance regarding research methods and program evaluations; compiles court performance measures; conducts evaluation and longitudinal studies of court programs and population behaviors; handles issues with criminal and traffic offenses and civil and probate cases and appeals; works with courts and state departments to electronically share juvenile justice information, criminal history, records of conviction and warrants; develops business specifications for, conducts testing of, and delivers training about automated programs and systems for use in the courts; and develops and coordinates courses and certificate programs for judicial employees. The division also works closely with standing committees of the Supreme Court of Missouri and with statutory commissions.

Information Technology Services Division

The information technology services division supports court technology and communication services for the judicial branch. Services provided by the division include software applications development; maintenance of all existing applications; database administration; deployment and support of computer hardware to the courts; maintenance of the statewide judicial network and servers; system security; and initial help desk support for judicial branch users and the general public. The division works with the committee that oversees the statewide court automation program and with metropolitan courts that have information technology staff on location.