Dockets and Oral Arguments

When the Supreme Court of Missouri or the Missouri Court of Appeals considers cases, it lists them on a “docket” for a particular day. Many cases receive “oral argument,” in which the judges ask questions and the parties have limited time to persuade the court about issues of fact or law. After argument, a case is “submitted” to the court. If it is not argued, it is “submitted on briefs,” in which parties present their arguments in writing.

Supreme Court of Missouri arguments

Missouri Supreme Court Building

The Supreme Court of Missouri reserves certain dates to hear oral arguments. Cases to be considered are listed on a monthly "docket" below. Also provided are daily listings of cases scheduled for argument along with PDFs of briefs filed in the Court (posted as they become available) and summaries of those briefs (generally posted within a week before arguments).

Listen to arguments:

LIVE Audio Streaming

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During oral arguments this page provides access to the live audio from the courtroom. When not in session it provides an audible tone allowing you to test your browser configuration for compatibility.

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Archives of each day's audio files since September 2007 are posted to that day's "cases scheduled" pages.

Court of Appeals arguments