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New Municipal Judge Orientation

A New Municipal Judge Orientation is mandatory for all new municipal judges, both lawyer and non-lawyer. If a non-lawyer is appointed or elected, a certification program will be offered in conjunction with the orientation. Note: If the municipal division uses the Judicial Information System (JIS) or Show-Me Courts (SMC) electronic case management systems, you are encouraged to attend the Thursday JIS/SMC training session indicated on the registration form.

JIS & Show-Me Courts Municipal Judge Training – Technology Overview

The judges attending this session will develop a better understanding of how the technology that is available to the Missouri courts can aid in judicial decision making and case load management. Attendees will learn about ways in which they can use the automated tools (e.g. eBench,, OSCA Reports, Show-Me Courts, etc.) on the bench and in chambers. Court automation also allows for the quick retrieval of information.

There are several reports that can be produced to assist judges with managing their cases. Judges will be given information about what reports are available for to use. The judges will have an opportunity to see demonstrations of these automated tools in action.

Requirement: JIS/SMC divisions only; 3 CLE (at your own expense)

Thursday, October 18, 2018, from 1-4 pm. in Jefferson City, Missouri

Agenda  •  JIS/SMC Training Registration Materials

Thursday, April 11, 2019, from 1-4 p.m. in Jefferson City, Missouri

JIS/SMC Training Registration Materials

Trial Judge Education Committee Sponsored Session Available to Municipal Judges: Immigration Matters Related to Abused or Neglected Children, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking  (2 Professionalism CLE)

Judges and court staff will have timely access to information about the unique dynamics of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault perpetrated against immigrant women and children, as well as the intersections of state laws with federal immigration law. The work spans six key states with established and growing immigrant communities in both urban and rural areas.

Dates and Times:
  • October 24, 2018, from 3 - 5 p.m.

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Rule 18

In accordance with Missouri Supreme Court Rule 18, municipal judges who also are lawyers (except associate circuit judges, who do not fall within the ambit of the Rule) must earn and report five hours of continuing legal education (CLE) annually. Non-Lawyer judges must earn and report 15 hours of continuing legal education annually. Additionally, both classifications of judges must earn and report two hours of Judicial Ethics/Professionalism. Municipal judges do not have to acquire continuing legal education during the reporting year in which they are newly appointed or initially elected. The number of CLE credits offered depends upon the topic(s) and length of each program.

If you have questions concerning CLE credits under Rule 18, please contact:

Municipal Judge Education Committee
c/o Office of State Courts Administrator
2112 Industrial Drive
P.O. Box 104480
Jefferson City, MO 65110
(573) 751-4377
Facsimile: (573) 522-5013

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