Municipal Judge Education

New Municipal Judge Orientation and Certification

A certification program for the non-lawyer who has been newly appointed or elected a municipal judge is offered twice a year and held in conjunction with a New Municipal Judge Orientation open to all new municipal judges, both lawyer and non-lawyer.

Rule 18

In accordance with Missouri Supreme Court Rule 18, municipal judges who also are lawyers (except associate circuit judges, who do not fall within the ambit of the Rule) must earn and report five hours of continuing legal education (CLE) annually. Non-Lawyer judges must earn and report 15 hours of continuing legal education annually. Additionally, both classifications of judges must earn and report two hours of Judicial Ethics/Professionalism. Municipal judges do not have to acquire continuing legal education during the reporting year in which they are newly appointed or initially elected. The number of CLE credits offered depends upon the topic(s) and length of each program.

If you have questions concerning CLE credits under Rule 18, please contact:

Municipal Judge Education Committee
c/o Office of State Courts Administrator
2112 Industrial Drive
P.O. Box 104480
Jefferson City, MO 65110
(573) 751-4377
Facsimile: (573) 522-5013

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