Chief Justice Columns

In September 2005, Missouri's then-chief justice launched a series of columns published online and distributed to newspapers throughout the state by the Missouri Press Association. The columns, called "Justice Matters," discuss a range of issues related to Missouri's courts and the legal system. The columns have been available periodically.

For more information about the columns, please contact Beth Riggert, communications counsel for the Supreme Court of Missouri, by calling (573) 751-3676 or by e-mailing

Here are the columns:

Date Title
June 18, 2015 Magna Carta celebrates 800 years of the rule of law
March 20, 2015 CASA volunteers bring stability to lives of abused, neglected children
December 12, 2014 Missouri's treatment court divisions provide gift of renewed life
November 24, 2014 Voters retain final say over all Missouri judges
October 23, 2014 Dogs find special place in court proceedings
September 16, 2014 Honoring the Bill of Rights
September 2, 2014 Regular School Attendance is the Law
July 17, 2014 Judges do not express personal opinions in performance of judicial duties
June 26, 2014 Fourth of July is perfect time to celebrate creation of our nation, courts
May 23, 2014 Former governor remembered for breaking gender barrier in nonpartisan judicial appointments
April 21, 2014 Missouri honors the vital work of jurors
March 18, 2014 Rural women lawyers serve as pioneers for others
February 10, 2014 Behind the robe, Missouri judges are committed to justice for all
December 12, 2013 Through adoptions, Missouri courts give the gift of families
November 6, 2013 Missouri courts respect, serve veterans
October 17, 2013 Missouri courts remain vital to our society
March 5, 2013 Celebrating African-Americans' contributions to Missouri's justice system
May 31, 2007 War-torn Country Seeks Measure of Stability by Establishing Fair, Impartial Courts
March 30, 2007 Ensuring Judges' Ethics and Accountability
February 26, 2007 Lawyer Ethics ... Don't Believe Everything You See on Television
December 22, 2006 Hamilton Gamble Shaped History as Judge, Governor
November 28, 2006 Adoptive Parents Deserve Recognition for Lifelong Commitment of Love
October 23, 2006 Understanding Ballot Issues: Fair and Accurate Explanations
September 30, 2006 Attacks on the Courts Present Real Threats
August 28, 2006 From the Three Stooges to the Three Branches — It's Back to School
July 26, 2006 Missouri Sentencing: Crimes, Punishments and Public Safety
June 29, 2006 Missouri Courts: The Last Resort For Vulnerable Children
May 30, 2006 Promises, Promises... What Should A Judicial Candidate Say?
April 24, 2006 Law Day Celebrates Our Enduring Values
March 28, 2006 The Courts' Ideals Are Carved in Stone
February 27, 2006 What Do Judges Believe ... Really?
January 30, 2006 Success of Missouri Courts Depends on Adequate Resources
December 15, 2005 Missouri Judges are Accountable ... To the Law
November 21, 2005 How We Choose Missouri Judges
October 14, 2005 Why the Rule of Law?
September 9, 2005 A Celebration of Two Constitutions