Rules & Resources

This section is designed to assist lawyers and members of the public to find pertinent sources of law and other helpful resources. This list is not intended to be complete; rather, it is intended merely for the convenience of the user.

ADA & Court Interpreters

Information about interpreter services for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and qualified foreign language interpreters when a non-English speaking person is a party or witness in a legal proceeding.

Charge Codes

Links to various documents showing the codes that courts assign to criminal charges created by the legislature.

Court Rules

Rules governing attorneys and judges, civil and criminal practice in Missouri's trial courts, appellate practice, and practice before certain specialized court divisions, as well as Supreme Court operating rules.

Jury Instructions & Charges

Information related to jury instructions and charges for civil and criminal cases in Missouri.

Municipal Judge Education

Continuing education resources for municipal division judges.

Traffic Guide

A quick reference manual for use by judges, prosecutors and attorneys handling traffic cases.