Court Forms

Below are electronic forms developed and approved for use in Missouri courts.

Court staff are happy to help you if they can. However, courts staff are allowed to help you only in certain ways since they must be fair to everyone. It's best to learn what court staff can and cannot do for you before you ask for help. You may need to seek legal counsel if you are unable to complete or understand the forms.

Attention Required

If you plan to represent yourself in court in a family law matter (divorce, modification of child custody or support, or paternity) , you are required to complete the Litigant Awareness Program. The program will help you understand the Missouri court system and the type of case that interests you. You also will learn about the dangers and duties of representing yourself in court. The program may be helpful for other types of cases as well.


The following forms are fillable using Adobe Acrobat format and do not require any other software for use. Use the Tab key to move from field to field within a form. Hover the cursor over a fillable field to view help text associated with a field. Check boxes can be selected by pressing the space bar or clicking the box. To remove a check mark, press the space bar or click the check box again. Questions requiring only one check box be selected cannot be unselected.

Legal terms are available for help in understanding any terminology.

Some forms require a filing fee and/or service fee be included with the filing. Contact the local circuit clerk's office regarding the required fees and deposits, and for any local court rule procedures.

Appellate Court Forms

Forms for initiating appeals, applications for transfer and writ petitions.

Adult Abuse Forms

Forms for an order of protection from acts, attempts or threats from a family or household member or intimate partner; or from acts of stalking.

Child Protection Forms

Forms for an order of protection of behalf of a child (person under 17 years of age unless otherwise emancipated) who has been the victim of child abuse or stalking.

Child Support Forms

Forms for child support legal actions, such as income withholding, lien requests and termination of child support.

Civil Forms

Forms relating to appeals, executions, garnishments, judgments, SATOP assessments.

Collections Programs

Forms for tax offset, debt collection and delinquent jail costs.

Criminal Forms

Forms for use in various criminal legal actions, such as those relating to bondsmen, expungement and correction of records.

Family Law Forms

Forms for dissolution (divorce) of marriage, motion to modify child custody (and support), motion to modify child support and paternity.

Family Access Forms

Forms for rights to custody, visitation or third party custody if denied or interfered with by a parent or third party.

Filing Information Sheet

Form required for civil, domestic relations and probate cases filed.

General Forms

Forms for legal actions such as waiver for assistance by the hearing impaired and those relating to liens.

Name Change Forms

Forms for use in adult and minor requests for name changes.

Probate Forms

Forms relating to transferring a deceased person's property to the spouse, unmarried child or children, or to a person or business the deceased person may owe money.

Small Claims Forms

Forms for use in actions when the amount of the claim does not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000.00).