About the Courts

The Missouri Judiciary consists of three levels of courts: The trial courts (also known as the circuit courts), an intermediate appellate court (the Missouri Court of Appeals) that is divided into three regional districts, and the Supreme Court of Missouri.

Supreme Court of Missouri

As the state's highest court, the Supreme Court's role is to ensure a stable and predictable system of justice by serving as the final arbiter of disputes involving the state's constitution and laws.

Missouri Court of Appeals

The Missouri Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court. It handles the vast majority of appeals from the circuit courts.

Local Courts

Missouri's local county courts – or circuit courts – is where cases begin. Within the circuit court are various divisions, such as associate circuit, civil and criminal, family, juvenile, municipal, and probate.

Court Reporters

Information about the Board of Certified Court Reporter Examiners, the examination and process of becoming a certified court reporter, continuing education requirements, and the list of certified court reporters in good standing.

Boards & Commissions

Various boards, commissions and committees advise the Supreme Court and others in carrying out the Court's administrative responsibilities.

Judicial Personnel

Learn more about the roles of the judges, clerks and staff who make Missouri's court system work.

Office of State Courts Administrator

The Office of State Courts Administrator is responsible for providing administrative, business and technology support services to the courts.