All motions must be in writing and must be filed with the Clerk's office. Motions should not be in letter form and should not be addressed to a judge, but to the Clerk. All motions must be signed and must include proof of service upon opposing counsel or pro se party. Rules 20.04, 84.01, 84.07 and 84.11. The original and four (4) copies are required of all post-disposition motions and applications, suggestions, replies and any other motion more than five pages long.  All other motions require only an original or facsimile.  Special Rule 2.  Unless otherwise ordered, suggestions in opposition may be filed within five (5) business days after the date of service. Motions are decided on the pleadings without oral argument.  Rules 30.10 and 84.01(a). Rulings are mailed or faxed to the responsible attorneys or pro se parties. 



            This Court accepts some filings by fax at 417-895-6817. Routine motions, pleadings, or correspondence that require only one copy and that do not exceed five (5) pages will be accepted for filing. Special Rule 8.  A paper filed by fax shall have the same effect as an original filing. Rule 84.01(b). The original document should not be mailed or filed with the Court, but rather should be kept for production if requested by the Court. 

            Records on appeal, briefs, writ petitions, transcripts, legal files, motions for rehearing, applications for transfer, and suggestions in opposition to motions for rehearing, applications for transfer or petitions for writs shall not be filed by fax.  Special Rule 8. Fax filings received at the Court after 4:00 p.m. will be deemed filed the next business day.