In accordance with Special Rule 1, an appellant desiring to orally argue may serve notice thereof no later than 10 days after the brief of respondent is due to be filed. Appellant may endorse his “Request for Oral Argument” upon the front cover of the brief of appellant or by separate pleading. Failure of appellant to request oral argument within the time and manner required shall constitute a waiver on behalf of all parties to appear and orally argue. The case will then be submitted to a three-judge panel for decision without argument.

If oral argument is requested, the case is set on a docket for oral argument before one of the Court's divisions and counsel or the pro se parties are notified.  The docket should be examined carefully to avoid going to the wrong courtroom. This Court sits in Springfield, 300 Hammons Parkway, Third Floor and in Poplar Bluff, Butler County Courthouse, 100 N. Main Street, Second Floor and other locations throughout the Southern District.