ABC's of Appellate Practice




      ABC's of Appellate Practice PDF (r.2017)


 Table of Contents


Introduction & The Appellate Process      


I.          Initiating an Appeal                                                                                             

            A.        Filing the Notice of Appeal                                                                       

            B.        Late Notice of Appeal   


II.          The Record on Appeal                                                                                        

            A.        General Procedure                                                                                  

            B.        Legal File                                                                                               

C.        Transcript                                                                                             

D.         Exhibits       


III.         Briefs                                                                                                                    

            A.        General Procedure                                                                                     

            B.        General Format of Computer Software Briefs                                           

            C.        General Format of Typewritten Briefs                                                     

            D.        Contents of Brief                                                                                  

            E.        Appendix to Briefs     


IV.        Docketing    


V.        Oral Argument 


VI.        Opinion  


VII.       Post-Opinion Process                                                                                    

            A.        Post-Opinion Motions                                                                         

            B.        Mandates                        


VIII.      Additional Appellate Procedure                                                                       

            A.        Motions                                                                                             

            B.        Telefacsimile Filings       


IX.        Forms                                                                                                        

            A.        Notice of Appeal – 8-A(2)  (Civil Procedure Form 8-A(2))  

            B.        Notice of Appeal – 8-A(3)  (Criminal Procedure Form 8-A(3))  

            C.        Notice of Appeal – 8B  (Unemployment Compensation)                  

            D.        Notice of Appeal – 8C  (Worker’s Compensation)