16. Briefs -- Electronic Copy

Rule 16. Briefs -- Electronic Copy

If a brief is prepared as required by Rule 84.06(a) and not otherwise electronically filed, in addition to filing paper briefs with the clerk of this court as required by Rule 84.05(a), an electronic copy shall be submitted via CD-ROM, disk, or other medium acceptable to the court.  The electronic copy of the brief shall comply with the requirements of Rules 84.05 governing service and filing and 84.06(g) governing labeling, format and virus scanning, except as herein provided. 

    a.    In addition to the brief, the disk or CD-ROM shall contain the copy of the appendix to the brief, and may contain the record on appeal, exhibits, and authorities cited in the brief.

    b.    Contents of the disk or CD-ROM shall be in Word, Word Perfect, Adobe Acrobat PDF, or in any searchable format in which the onscreen presentation is identical to the paper document.  If the software for reading the format is not freely available for downloading over the Internet at no cost to the user, then it must be installed on the disk or CD-ROM with instructions for use.

    c.    All parties to an appeal who intend to file a disk or CD-ROM brief are encouraged to jointly prepare a single disk or CD-ROM.  A jointly prepared disk or CD-ROM shall be filed not later than ten days after the final brief but no later than 7 days before submission of the case without leave of court.  The paper brief shall contain a notice that a joint disk or CD-ROM will be filed.  All disk or CD-ROM filings other than joint filings must comply with the time requirements of Rule 84.05 for paper briefs.

(Adopted eff. September 6, 2006.  Adopted April 21, 2010, eff. July 1, 2010.  Adopted December 19, 2011, eff. January 1, 2012.  Amended April 10, 2012, eff. May 1, 2012.)