15. Amicus Curiae Briefs


(a)  A brief may be filed by amicus curiae in cases before the Court on the merits. The brief may be filed only with leave of Court and only if presented for filing within the time allowed for the filing of the brief of the party supported, unless extended by the Court.

(b)  The motion for leave shall concisely state the nature of the applicant’s interest, set forth facts or questions of law that have not been, or reasons for believing that they will not adequately be, presented by the parties, and their relevancy to the disposition of the case. The motion shall not exceed five pages.

(c)  Leave for the filing of an amicus curiae brief shall not be necessary when the brief is presented by the attorney general or by a state entity authorized by law to appear on its own behalf.

(d)  All briefs filed by amicus curiae shall conform to Rules 81.18, 84.04 and 84.06.

(Adopted eff. June 1, 2005. Amended, eff. June 14, 2017.)